Forward march

Variables and observations

I have some writing here on topics most generally work related and involving data analysis and computing.

Linux: The Most Powerful Operating System on the Planet

I wrote this essay many years ago, back when .Net was still in early beta and folks were still wondering whether to hold onto their shares of Sun. It could stand an update or two, but the main theme of this essay is still as powerful today as it was in the days of the 2.2 kernel.

The Long View: A Polemic

The introductory few paragraphs documenting the next phase of humanity's evolution. Someday I'll get around to filling in the remaining 999 pages.

52 Factorial

How many ways are there to arrange a simple deck of 52 playing cards? Let me count the ways....

Shakespeare's Monkeys

Just how long would it take?

Have you played Quicksilver?

Quicksilver is a bike messenger simulation game. If you enjoy routing algorithms, this is the game for you.

Almost a Best Short Story

After my stories were panned at Iowa ["desperately trying to be Thomas Pynchon"], some very good friends encouraged me to continue workshopping. Being nominated a finalist for the Best American Short Stories collection was quite the turnaround for my tour de force originally titled September... [cue obnoxiously long sub-title]. Many thanks to the eds. at Antioch for giving me a chance.