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Many thanks to Hannah L. for finding my NME interview. Enjoy it here!


Not good enough to be on side B.

My Song 8

"My Song 1" is the default name given to your first Garageband composition. I figure there must be ten million My Song 1s in existence. I chose to name this set of releases as My Song 8 to imply that yes, this is an amateurish effort and also the fact that the first 7 sucked noticeably more than this one.

secret versions 1 and 2

I like both of these takes so much I can't decide which to keep. My inspiration for this was the song Secret by Mean Red Spiders.

Act 2 Scene 3 Music

I made this for a friend's student film project. The complete piece is 6 minutes long but only 14 seconds of it were used in the film. Upon listening to it you'll quickly realize that 14 seconds is about all you need. It appears during a scene when the protagonist is walking alone through a park at sunset, pondering the weighty issues that manifest themselves during Act 2. Wondering whether this is a 3 act or a 5 act play.

The Archives

I may not be legally allowed to distribute these, but really, who's going to sue me now?

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